HRT understands the critical role transit plays in support of helping senior and disabled citizens retain independence and mobility. We are dedicated to making it easier for customers to use our fixed route and paratransit services.

Accessible Services


Low Floor Buses: HRT’s low-floor “kneeling” buses are designed to accommodate senior and disabled persons riding local routes. Hydraulic systems allow operators to lower the entire bus down to the curb for easier access or allow a ramp extension for wheelchair entry.

Boarding: Operators make every effort to curb buses and deploy ramps to the sidewalk but this may not always be possible. If the angle of the ramp is too steep, the operator will guide you up the ramp and/or applying weight on your handles to assist you with traction.

While HRT employees will help to the best of their physical abilities, they can not carry or lift you, your mobility device, or any additional baggage you may have. The exception to this is pushing a manual wheelchair up a particularly steep ramp. HRT personnel are permitted to assist you with inserting your cash or farecard into the farebox if needed.

The Tide

All Tide vehicles and stations meet or exceed requirements and allow level boarding. Each vehicle has dedicated space for wheelchairs and there is room for walkers. The vehicle’s smooth breaking system eliminates the need for special straps and other equipment to secure wheelchairs and mobility devices.Click here for more information about The Tide.

Mobility Devices

All HRT buses can transport mobility devices of any type – wheelchairs, scooters, even wheelchair strollers – that measure up to 30 inches wide, 48 inches long, and weigh up to 600 lbs. when occupied. Larger mobility devices are not able to be transported on our buses.

Once on board it is the operator’s responsibility to secure your mobility device and offer you assistance with a lap securment belt. All mobility devices must be secured at four locations of non-movable parts. HRT also supplies additional straps that will make it easier and faster for the HRT operator to help you. These straps can be installed free of charge by calling HRT Customer Services at 222-6036.

Your mobility device should have a seat-belt. We ask that you use it when boarding and riding on HRT vehicles. You will need this safety device in the event that the bus should make a sudden stop or when using the ramp to exit a low-floor bus. Take advantage of the additional shoulder belt offered to you by the operator. Do not try to unsecure your mobility device while the bus is in motion.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

A PCA needs no formal certification or identification to be eligible to assist a disabled passenger. HRT allows the PCA of a disabled passenger to ride free.

All disabled passengers accompanied by a PCA must present a Certificate of Eligibility card. The card is issued to ADA Paratransit Service passengers and indicates eligibility to ride at one-half the regular adult fare. The card must have the Travels with Personal Care Assistant box marked “Yes” for the assistant to ride free. Proper ID and declaration of a PCA must be presented to Hampton Roads Transit operators for passengers to board since not all disabilities are obvious.

Service Animals

Service animals are unique in the animal world. Usually dogs, they guide people who are blind and or deaf. They pull wheelchairs, help protect a person who is having a seizure, and offer loving companionship. Service animals are working animals, not pets. Trained service animals ride free of charge on HRT vehicles. When using HRT or within HRT facilities, service animals must be leashed and under the owner’s control.

An operator may exclude a service animal from a bus, light rail vehicle or HRT facility when that animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

HRT’s Paddlewheel Ferry Service

All ferries and all ferry boarding docks are wheelchair accessible and allow for level boarding passengers. Click here for more information about the Paddlewheel Ferry.


If you have a disability that prevents you from using HRT’s fixed route bus service, you may be eligible for our ADA Paratransit Services. Handi-Ride is available to eligible customers who cannot use fixed route buses due to a physical, mental, or cognitive disability. Only registered Handi-Ride customers may take advantage of the service. Click here for more information about Handi Ride.


Qualifying for HRT Half Fare ID Card: Senior citizens (age 60 and over) and persons with disabilities who have a valid HRT Half Fare ID card, HRT ADA Certification card, or a valid Medicare card and photo identification are eligible to pay half fare on all HRT’s fixed route services, shuttle services and PaddleWheel ferry service. Additionally, seniors and persons with disabilities may take advantage of HRT’s farecards available for senior and persons with disabilities

HRT Senior and Persons with Disability ID Application: The HRT Half Fare ID card is $5.00. Applications are available from the any of our HRT customer service locations, by sending a request to HRT, Attn: Customer Service, 3400 Victoria Blvd., Hampton, VA 23661 or by calling (757)222-6000 and requesting an application be mailed to you. ID cards are issued at HRT headquarters or at designated regional locations. Please call for more information.

Paratransit Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides a communication link between the TDCHR, persons with disabilities who use or may use its services, and service providers to the disabled community on matters related to Paratransit service within HRT’s service area. Click here to read more about the HRT Paratransit Advisory Committee.

For accessibility related concerns

Contact Us

Call: (757) 222-6036 or TDD (757) 722-8427
Write: Hampton Roads Transit
Attention Manager of Paratransit Services
3400 Victoria Blvd.
Hampton, VA 23661

Requesting Materials in Alternative Formats: Materials that HRT makes routinely available to the public, including but not limited to, schedules, system maps and customer guides, are available in alternative formats, upon request, by calling Customer Service at (757) 222-6036 or TDD at (757) 722-8427 or E-mail:

Depending on the nature of the request, the alternative formatted material will be made available to the requesting party within ten (10) business days of the request. Alternative formats include Braille and large print.